The DYFME Reading Series: A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn

Welcome to the DYFME Reading Series.  Our first selection is A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn.

Please consider this post as an OPEN DISCUSSION thread for your thoughts about the book.

With over 2 million copies sold, I was shocked to be so “late” to this book; I read it for the first time just this past Spring 2018.  The first edition of the book was published in 1980…soon enough for it to have been included in my curriculum at Morehouse College.

If you’ve already read the book and didn’t tell me about it, then how could you let me miss one of the most essential books of our time?

Why is this book so important?  As we endure a season of serious lies and treachery in our nation’s (and world’s) politics, I’m reminded of a few quotes…

There is nothing new under the sun.
paraphrased from Ecclesiastes 1:9 (The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.)

There’s comfort in knowing that what we are enduring right now is rooted in a pattern.  History reveals these patterns.  If we are willing to study the patterns and analyze why events occur in a certain manner then that’s a key defense against history repeating itself.

The nation’s leaders as well as teachers
Practice lies as a way of life, yes they do
So think before you speak
‘Cause what you sow you reap
The truth will always be brought to light
– En Vogue (as sung by Dawn Robinson, circa 1990)

Many of us were taught lies that elevated Christopher Columbus to a heroic status for discovering America OR we were given a false rationale for why Andrew Jackson deserves a place on the $20-dollar bill.

A People’s History of the United States (APHOTUS) provides the substance for why both of those cases of praise are ludicrous in addition to many more facts.  These facts reveal the true essence of how (and why) this country evolved into what it is today.  This book is an armament against the bullsh*t that this society will throw at you. 

We live in a time when efforts to honor Harriet Tubman on front of the $20-dollar bill are being stymied by the current administration.  In fact, a portrait of Andrew Jackson now hangs prominently in the Oval Office.

As just one example of the power of this book, if you read APHOTUS, then you will learn that Andrew Jackson was truly one of the greatest-liar presidents of all time…and why the current occupant and liar-in-chief regards him as a hero.  There’s so much more in the book…let’s discuss it!

Check out the video below for more…

Again, please consider this post as an OPEN DISCUSSION thread for your thoughts about the book.

From time to time, we’ll expand on ideas raised here to create separate conversation threads and videos.  We may even reach out to you for an interview–Be ready!

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