Former NFL Tight-End Kellen Winslow Jr. Arrested for Raping Senior Citizens: WTF Happened?

Kellen Winslow Jr. was the NFL’s highest-paid Tight End in 2011.  In 2018, he was found in a mobile-home park accused of raping senior citizens…

Former Pro Bowl tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. allegedly kidnapped and raped women ages 54 and 59 this spring, and attempted to rape two elderly women this month, according to the criminal complaint filed by San Diego County prosecutors.

Winslow Jr. was arrested Thursday by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department for the second time in eight days. He faces nine charges (eight felonies and one misdemeanor), including two counts of rape, two counts of kidnapping with the intent to commit rape, one count of forcible sodomy and two counts of residential burglary, among others.
–Peter Barzilai and A.J.Perez of USA Today

WTF happened here?  Was it CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) from his years on the football field?  Was it the synthetic marijuana?  Was it a variation of the “Oedipus Rex” syndrome?  Was it a “tragic mulatto”scenario?  What happened?

Given California’s 80% felony-trial conviction rate, there’s a high likelihood that he may spend the rest of his life in jail.  Winslow is not unattractive.  He could have easily found work as “eye candy” in a Tyler Perry tv production or stageplay…but now those gifts may need to be leveraged inside the penitentiary…

Unfortunately, CTE cases can only be confirmed through autopsies as was the case with the New England Patriot’s Aaron Hernandez.  It’s ironic that both Hernandez and Winslow were Tight Ends.  Is it just the nature of the position that there’s something more vicious about being a tight end?

This is yet another case for why the NFL is existentially challenged…in addition to the national anthem controversy.  Would you want your child to play football?

It’s also very sad situation for Winslow’s family–he’s the son of an NFL Hall-of-Famer and has a wife (Janelle Winslow) and kids.  Janelle shared, “We will always be there for him and we know the true facts will come out.”

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